The beginning

Today is August 31st.

It’s the last day of the month, “officially” considered the last month of summer (at least here on the west coast), but also most importantly, it’s the last day of my employment in a very long time.

You see, I lived a very typical Asian Canadian life. Graduated from high school with decent marks. Graduated from university in a field I loved. Found a full-time job in the industry right after grad, and had been working there ever since. Not saying it was bad – actually on the contrary, I consider myself quite lucky.

But then after four years, what happened? I still loved what I was doing, but felt like something was missing. Things were becoming stagnant.

I spent more time waiting for things to happen rather than taking control of my own time and life.
I was letting other factors decide my time for me, and what I wanted to do with my career and becoming independent.

It’s a scary thing – days were passing by faster than I can recall what I was doing the previous week. Before you know it, more commitments and responsibilities will only continue to bog us down on what we want to achieve.

Ever heard of live a life of no regrets? Yeah. Time to make this happen.


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