First challenge

So by now, I should’ve already been on my flight.

Who knew that by the time I checked in at YVR this morning, I was informed that my flight was delayed by at least 45 minutes. The attendants informed me that I would have 2 options: either try to make the connection (aka running like a mad-man) in Guangzhou within 30 minutes of landing, or they will put me in a hotel for the night, then take the next flight out. Adding to that, apparently I was the only lucky passenger making this connection, so doubt the plane will hold for me.

I already when booking the fight that my connection was pretty close with 1.5 hr transfer, but 30 minutes? We will see. Hey, on the bright side, I’ve made a flight connection before coming home from Cancun – within 15 minutes, this should be a cinch, right? ;-)

Other than making sure they are able to seat me close to the exit and that hotel arrangements are pre-booked, everything else is out of my hands and I can just hope for the best. I guess starting my challenges early gets me prepared for whatever comes my way later, right?

Boarding in a few minutes. Wish me luck.

Update: Well, looks like the flight was destined to be delayed anyways. We landed a good 15 min after my connecting flight left the airport. Unloading the plane in Guangzhou Airport was a weird experience with them shuttling us right off the plane. Getting a hotel for the night was a long ordeal. Thanks China Southern…

Flight out tomorrow morning is at 8:30am with a 5am morning call – let’s hope it’s better this time! Over and out.

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