Tuk tuk drivers

Tuk tuk drivers are the best. You can chat with them about anything and most of them will gladly talk to you, thinking the friendlier they are, the better chances of you taking their tuk tuk (and I guess at the same time, able to practice more English). I’ve had a range of topics with them. In Cambodia though, many of them talk about politics.

Here’s a conversation between a tuk tuk driver and I after walking out from the hostel the first morning:

Driver: Sir, tuk tuk?
Me: Otay, o-koon. (No, thank you.)
Driver: Where you come from?
Me: Canada
Driver: Oh Canada! You not from China?
Me: No, Canada.
Driver: Mmm… where is your grandma from?
Me: Taiwan.
Driver: Oh Taiwan! Mmm… China… Taiwan… the same!
Me: No. Taiwan not the same country.
Driver looks confused at this point.
Me: Ok let me ask you. Cambodia… Thailand… same country, right?? (knowing that they have very mixed feelings about each other)
Driver: No no! Not the same!
Me: Ahh, you see. Then China, Taiwan – not the same!

*He then proceeds to beat me up jokingly, and the subsequent 2 days when he sees me.

Case in point. Everyone has a sense of humour – try to make a conversation and be nice instead of act as if he’s out to get you, he still has to try and make a living.

That being said, I will still haggle for every dollar.


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