Yes, Canadians do have an accent

Phnom Penh Russian Market

I’ve been told that our accent is having “no accent”.

I started noticing this after multiple encounters with others, both from travellers and various hostel staff. After only a few sentence exchanges, someone said “you’re Canadian aren’t you?” or “you must be Canadian or American.” I was just as puzzled – how? To which they responded, Canadians and Americans speak “perfect English.” Go figure.

It’s always a fun game meeting someone during travel and trying to figure out where the other person is from during the first 5 minutes of the conversation. During travel, English is used most often, but every country has its own accent or slight tonal difference. Initially it was tougher trying to decipher which nationality the others are from, but over time, I’ve been able to start differentiating the English between British, French, German, Spanish, Australian, and (sometimes) Dutch.

So there you go – you don’t need to wear a Canadian flag patch on your bag anymore, just talk more!

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