Excuse me while I’m busy making some lemonade

As I mentioned briefly in my previous post, couple weeks ago just shortly after I landed in Sydney, how I was excited to find a great little place to stay in the suburbs with the mindset that I’ll be based out of there for the next little while.

When someone tells you something is forever, don’t believe it.

Did I sound a little pessimistic there? Maybe. I consider myself to be a pretty good and reasonable roommate. I’m not usually one who sees the glass half-empty, but having lived here for less than a month, and your roommate/landlord tells you (out of the blue) that you need to move out within 2 weeks, is kind of a slap in the face. I’m pretty sure you’d feel a bit frustrated too.

The reason in a nutshell? His girlfriend’s parents have just gotten their tourist visa approved, and they’ve booked a flight to Sydney two weeks from now, and they need a place to stay short / long term.

Really? And you couldn’t have discussed something with me before that? Sure, when I moved in, we didn’t sign a contract, but we had a verbal agreement that I would him know two weeks in advance if I were to leave (I probably would’ve mentioned it a month before), or the same vice versa. Certainly wouldn’t usually expect the landlord to end the lease so quickly.

Sorry, this isn’t meant to be a pity post. It’s to show you how a lot of people do things for their own benefit and the thoughtfulness or compassion isn’t there anymore. I don’t think it’s just the fact that finding a new place requires lots of time, energy, and the move itself, but some people do not value human to human connections. Hello? We’re roommates? This is what makes people less and less trusting.

Lesson learned?

  • Don’t get too comfortable in one place, things will always change when you least expect it. Enjoy everything in the moment while you have it.
  • There’s no point of sulking over something you cannot change. Sure, I felt super frustrated when the news broke, but I immediately thought what the next course of action would be. I viewed 5 places the very next day, and will be doing more over the next week or so.
  • Even seemingly nice people can be a super-douche sometimes. Don’t be one.

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Let’s hope I find some sugar.


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