Up the Australian East Coast we go! (Video)

The most precious things that I bring back and keep from a trip besides the memories are my photos. I’ve always associated myself with being a photographer and less of a videographer. As of late though, I’ve started seeing some pretty epic videos that other travellers around the world have made. That got me thinking: if I’m already here, why not make the most of the experience and add a video to my collection of things to remember a journey by?

Most of the time, a photo is enough to trigger our memories of the events that has happened during that moment in time, but sometimes the emotions of the people and things outside the frame is lost and memories are blurred over time.

Over the past few years, I’ve learned some technical elements that make a film, “a film” (so to speak), and different cinematographic techniques while shooting videos for wedding events. Although recording the events of a day as it goes by is important, telling the story is just as important – if not more.

This is pretty much the first full-length short video that I’ve shot and edited myself, and I’m pretty happy with the results. Although choosing to record and produce a video for a trip more than triples the amount of post-processing time (this video took 10 hours by my rough count?), I will continue to try and challenge myself! Enjoy :)

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