30 is the new 20

I never thought the day would come where I’d be using that phrase. Nor should I care more about gaining a year older this year than the last. A number of friends have been asking me how I felt about the big THREE-OH, but I don’t think much of it and shrug it off. However, it has finally caught up to me as I was showering last night – “I’m about to turn 30,” which lead me to an array of thoughts. After all, as a friend tells me, “take long showers, the best thoughts come from them.” Quite true.

I’m pretty amazed that physically I still look (relatively) the same, thanks to my Asian genes. The other “dimensions of wellness” such as emotional, spiritual… seems to not have changed a whole lot either, or maybe slightly better. What I’ve noticed that’s changed the most is my mindset.

Each of the three decades that I have lived represents a different phase of my life – with different but constant learnings. From learning about my values, beliefs, and the world around me as a kid in my foundation years, to learning most of my skills and knowledge in school for most of the next decade, then learning about work and personal relationships in the years that have just passed. Each of these has shaped who I’ve become, and what I have accomplished.

The world was a very different place ten years ago. This was before smartphones were invented, pre-social media, free-flowing information, and a much safer place to live in general. Each of these were changes started by other individuals which I have little to no control over, but to embrace these as a part of my everyday life. In the years ahead, I hope that I am able to continue taking smart risks, approaching everything with an open mind, not taking anything for granted, and positively change, influence the people and world around me.

So, as I bid adieu to the 20s me, what I’ve learned is this: Take nothing for granted. Love everything around you – even the tiny little thing – especially your family, friends, and people who you work closely with. Cherish every moment and day of your life.

30s isn’t an age group to be afraid of. It’s what we’ve been waiting to become our whole lives.

So here’s to welcoming myself to the club, and those who follow shortly as well. Bring it on! ?


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